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City of The Future
Could this be Your Future?

"We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims." - Buckminster Fuller, Futurist and Visionary of Spaceship Earth

Ok. Now it is time to work your magic and call on your super cosmic powers. This is your call to action and universal mission. Your Cyber Challenge is to Create The First Eco City Of The Future on PLANETXXI. Here you must call on your cosmic energy to shape the future. What arena do you want to star in? We are looking for ideas, inventions, and your imagination. Build your own bridge into the future. Know that you belong to the universe.

"Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life's coming attractions." - Albert Einstein 

Creating The First Eco City Of The Future on PLANETXXI will be a major challenge and task for any Dream Team or inspired futurist. Steve Jobs’ quote,” I want to put a ding in the universe” is what we all are aspiring to do. The first step is to study the lives and ambitions of current space greats that are already making their “ding” in the universe.

Here is the short list of those visionaries that our changing the way our world views life in space, and on another planet. Yes, many of their visions will be turning dreams into reality before the end of our 21st Century. Who knows, maybe one day you will even be helping to champion their dream or manifesting a vision of your own on PLANETXXI.

Elon Musk company SpaceX on May 2020 was the first private spaceflight company making history with successful first human space launch. Now, Elon plans to send one million people to Mars by 2050 creating ‘a lot of jobs’ on the Red Planet.

Jeff Bezos envisions millions moving off planet Earth to one of his space colonies miles long that will provide housing for trillions of people. This he says will be built by future generations that will follow his vision and blueprint for life in space.

Sir Richard Branson predicts within a few years his company Virgin Galactic will have tourist travelling beyond Earth’s orbit in space. His SpaceShip Two trip to the galaxy has already booked over 600 seats at the cost of $250,000 each.

Who will win this space exploration is anyone’s call. Maybe It could be you one day. After having previewed what three of the world super powers are working on, it’s now your time now to get started on your blueprint for The First Eco City Of The Future on PLANETXXI.

Cyber City

What is your innovation? What are your ideas? Create a video of the future. What would your Eco City Of The Future look like? Select a category or make one of your own:
• Intergalactic Communications • Robotics
• Technology of the Future • Fashions of the Future
• Transportation of Tomorrow • Scientific Discoveries
• Creating an Eco-Friendly Planet • Medical Innovation
• Architectural Infrastructure • Food for the Future
• Futurist for a major aero space corporation

How will you light up the planet? Where will the power source come from?

What would life on the planet look like? Would offices all be digital? Homes all solar?

Write an essay or a book of your private look into the future. Create your own work of art or masterpiece. Produce your own futuristic music or dance. It's your world to create.

Send your videos, inventions, innovations, ideas and creations to be added to my website or PLANETXXI's YouTube PLANETXXI TV channel.
E-mail CyberChallenge@PLANETXXI.TV

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