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How Would You Make The Planet Eco-Friendly?

Eco Friendly Kids PLANETXXI

Creating an eco friendly planet will take some thought and research. It will also take time. However, the universe will really love you even more. Before you join us on PLANETXXI you can start now to plan what you would bring to the planet. First you need to learn more about what eco friendly means to your future. Talk to your family, friends, and teachers about what it means, and what you do here on Planet Earth to make a difference for your future. Alion, our friendly alien, has helped to inspire you in Imagination Station PLANETXXI. Now it is time for you to use your imagination, and star powers to start creating your very own eco friendly future.

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 Eco Friendly Cosmic Kids PLANETXXI Questionaire.

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Send us in pictures and videos of what you have done to save the planet and what you will be bringing with you to PLANETXXI.
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