Most of you know the Super Heros from Marvel movies or DC Comics. And yes, many Super Heros inspire us such as Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, Batman, Christian Bale, Captian Marvel, Brie Lawson to name a few. You can also can save the planet. What you create on PLANETXXI will reflect and hopefully revive Planet Earth. What superpowers do they possess that you don’t? You are real, and they are fictional.

“You Are The Universe: It’s Time That You Discover Your Cosmic Self.” Deepak Chopra

Yes, your energy comes from the universe. Your comic superpowers are only as great as you believe them to be. There is still time to save the planet. Look around; there are heroes among us. One Hero is Swedish environmental activist, Greta Thunberg. At age 15, and with only her four-word sign, "School Strike for Climate," she inspired over a million students worldwide to walk out of their classrooms and protest their communities for climate change. Did you strike? Thunberg’s activism started after convincing her parents to adopt choices to reduce their own carbon footprint. Greta is now up for a 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.

Your Mission

Saving Planet Earth will be difficult. But you can do it. Unfortunately, on earth you have so many rules, regulations, governments, corporations, organizations, and countries that first must be willing to get on the same page if change is to take place. Even if you invented or discovered ways to save the planet who will listen? How will you get your message out? How many years of your life would it take to make a difference and see the change in your lifetime? Not everyone is Greta, but you can push the envelope. Protests will get you attention, but what follows is equally and even more important. On PLANETXXI you can have all your ideas, inventions, and innovations become reality. If it works on PLANETXXI then you have a chance of being heard on Planet Earth. The universe is here to help you.

It is time for you to take charge for change. PLANETXXI is the eco planet of possibilities where you can make a difference and create The City of the Future that you would like to live in and for generations to come. You can and will make a difference throughout the universe. Dream Big and listen to what the universe is saying to you.

So now you are almost ready. You signed up as a PLANETXXI CyberCity Cybernaut. You are now officially a member of our Dream Team of Tommorow. You have also been on your Vision Quest. By now, you should be defining your personal mission in our Cyber Challenge to Create The City of the Future. There is only one more step. Answering the questions that follow should put you in the mindset and ready to move forward in your contribution to humanity. Your ideas, inventions, innovations, designs, and videos will be your contributions. In addition, we will post them on our PLANETXXI website to share with the world and others who support your ideals. Just keep Focused on the Future 2100.

When Neil Armstrong first step out on the moon, his famous words were, “That’s One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind.” Where will your footsteps to greatness take you?

Step Into Your Future

You can be heard, and your inventions, and ideas can be seen on PLANETXXI.TV. Helping PLANETXXI create and build The First City Of The Future, you can magnify your dreams back to Planet Earth. That way you have a means of the entire planet seeing and boradcasting out your ideas. Let your voice be heard.

Send your videos now CreatetheFuture@PLANETXXI.TV.

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