"There are no boundaries or borders in the digital age." - Karim Rashid

Minds And Mentors

So how do we connect great minds to work together in cyberspace? Welcome to CyberCity, your universal communications, and mission control center. CyberCity is our space station located between planet earth and PLANETXXI. As Celestina Xi, I will connect our Cybernauts in cyberspace for virtual events and on Zoom conferences. Yes, I said Cybernauts. If astronauts

travel into outer space on their space missions, then PLANETXXI Cybernauts will travel to CyberCity and connect with your counterparts in cyberspace throughout the universe. Being and orbiting spacecraft equipped with advanced technology, it can offer solutions for Cybernauts to create a new world on PLANETXXI. Are you ready for the challenge to change?

This is where your mission begins in cyberspace. This is where you will meet new cyber pals around the world and connect to create the future. As a PLANETXXI Cybernaut, you will receive your virtual passport to CyberCity to participate in our virtual activities. Just fill out the form and email us for your official PLANETXXI Cybernaut membership.

command center of space ship

PLANETXXI CyberCity Cybernaut
Virtual Passport

Must be 13 or older to join. See Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

PLANETXXI Cyber Schools of the Future Membership

Must be 13 or older to join. See Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.



Only parents are allowed to sign for any Jr. Cybernaut 13 and under. Must read and adhere Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


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