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LinkXXI Mission Control CyberCityXXI

Space Station

CyberCityXXI Space Station

CyberCity Cyber Pals PLANETXXI

Welcome to CyberCityXXI. Hi, I'm LinkXXI, your friendly robot. CyberCityXXI is our space station and mission control center to link Cyber Pals around the world together in cyberspace. Here at CyberCityXXI, contact is made between PLANETXXI and planet earth. We also travel throughout all of the galaxies across the universe to make contact with other planets.

Recently, here in CyberCityXXI, we are hearing kids voices throughout our universe, shouting out and wanting to explore space. CyberCityXXI is aware that kids around world want to one day soon travel in space and among the stars. As your friendly robot, LINKXXI, I want to let you know that we have heard your voices loud and clear. I have contacted many of your Cyber Pals on PLANETXXI to join with me in CyberCityXXI to help your dreams come true. Your Cyber Pals, AmbassaDogXXI, Cosmic Coco, and Princess Celestine are all here to make sure that you will be part of the new space frontier.

Right now, there are people already looking to build a city on Mars, and even on the Moon. Space travel in your lifetime will be real. You will even be able to take a family trip to space, and perhaps stay at a galactic hotel.

That is why we want you to join us on PLANETXXI to CREATE THE FIRST ECO CITY OF THE FUTURE so that you will have a place in space to live or visit. What you will create on our planet will also help planet Earth. We know you cannot do it alone. So, we are inviting many Cyber Pals to also help and join with us to build a planet of peace, and endless possibilities. On PLANETXXI NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Now, you have your Mission. We are almost ready to take off together and build your future in space. To be a Cyber Pal your parents or teacher will need to fill out and complete our Cyber Pal form. By joining as a Cyber Pal, you will be able meet other friends in cyberspace who will also be traveling in the galaxy with you. In addition, you will also receive our PLANETXXI CYBER PAL newsletter that will include many out-of-this world ideas and projects.

Now it is time to meet another friendly Cyber Pal named Alion at Imagination Station. Here is where you will Draw Your Dreams for the future on PLANETXXI.

Cyber Pals will be given secret missions to work on together through virtual meetings and connections in cyberspace. Here is where your dreams can be shared and come alive with your counterparts throughout the universe. In CyberCityXXI, you will become a Jr. Cybernaut and receive your cyber travel virtual passport to the future. On earth, you call those who travel into space astronauts. Here, as a Cybernaut, you will travel in cyberspace and beyond to test the limitless boundaries of technology in this new Zoom tech age. Here you can reach as high as the stars and paint your vision of the future on PLANETXXI.

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they are always there". That is what your Cyber Pals are like. They are stars who you connect with and become friends even though you may not see them. However, they are there with you in cyberspace. You already have met many Cyber Pals from PLANETXXI who want to write and inspire you like AmbassaDog Snowy, Cosmic Coco, and Princess Celestine. Don't forget me, LinkXXI, your friendly robot. My mission is to link everyone together from CyberCityXXI.


Only parents are allowed to sign for any Jr. Cybernaut 13 and under.
Must read and adhere Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.