Cyber Kids of the Future PLANETXXI 

Super Snowy and Cosmic Coco

AmbassaDog Snowy & Cosmic Coco

Did you know you have super cosmic powers to create the future?

Hi, I am AmbassaDog Snowy, the Abassadog to the stars. I'm Cosmic Coco. We are from PLANETXXI and will be your intergalactic guides to a universe of possibilities.

As AmbassaDog Snowy, I have superpowers to see into your world of dreams. And I am Cosmic Coco here to invite you aboard our Spaceship Star Rider. Together we will travel through the galaxy and stars towards PLANETXXI.

We have come to your planet earth in friendship and discovery. Our planet is new in the universe, and we need your dreams to help us create a whole new world on PLANETXXI. Dare to dream big! On PLANETXXI, your dreams become a reality, and all of your ideas for the future come true.

Let's go! Trust the universe; it has no limits. It's your best friend. Just look up at the stars. They twinkle for you. Next, Princess Celestine from PLANETXXI will tell you more about how special you really are. Always believe that nothing is impossible and know that you are the future in the 21st Century.

Star Rider

We invite you to PLANETXXI. Come join us as an adventure into the future.

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