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Vision Quest of the Future

"Use your vision to create the future you want. Believe in your capacity and be confident. You know what it is you have to offer the world; don't stop until everyone knows it too." - Bill Gates

Here is where you prepare to create the future. This is where you become a part of our Dream Team of Tomorrow. Without a vision, you are lost without a road map in the universe. Step out of yourself and look back hard to see who you really are. Close your eyes and imagine what you would like to see and create in your life and in a whole new world. Get ready to connect with your higher powers. Call on your cosmic energy. See into the future. This is your time to make a mark on the planet.

Throughout history, the footsteps of greatness on our planet came from those who dared to dream. Take time out to read and study a few of the famous futurists who changed the world. In the past, names like Buckminster Fuller created the Geodesic Dome, and Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase, "the medium is the message." Other greats include Nikola Tesla, Heidi and Alvin Toffler, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Edgar Cayce, Rod Serling, Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek), Howard Hughes, Walt Disney, and the list goes on and on. One day your name will be on this list. Together as a member of the Dream Team, we will study their contributions and others who have changed history.

Even Wikipedia says, "that futurists are motivated by change. They are not content merely to describe or forecast. They desire a role in the world of transformation for the good of humanity and the planet." Our visions are what bring about change in the world and our universe.

What is your quest in life? What gifts do you have that will help you succeed in reaching your goals and visions? This time I need you to have an inspired vision to create the future on PLANETXXI. What would you do if Elon Musk asked you to build the City of the Future on another planet? Would you be up for the challenge? Do you have a vision in the role you would play to make it happen?

The truth is that in your lifetime, you will be able to journey in outer space as a passenger on a super spacecraft. Sir Charles Branson had a vision with Virgin Galactic to create a passenger spaceflight that would explore from point to point in space. Tourism in space is already becoming a reality. This futurist dream may one day happen in your lifetime. It started with one man on a mission. He had a vision of what the future would be in the 21st century and wanted to be a part of it.

Now it is your time. The future is in your reach. It has been said, "that the best way to predict the future is to create it." Start with positive imaging. Know that the universe has your back. See yourself as more than just another star in the universe. See yourself as a visionary creating the kind of future you want and the world you want to live in. You can do it. Just claim your superpowers and move forward on your vision quest. On PLANETXXI, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

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