Queen Celestine PLANETXXI

Princess Celestine PLANETXXI

Royal Greetings

Royal Greetings From PLANETXXI

Star Power

You are a "Star!"

"Remember to look up at the stars
and not down at your feet"
- Steven Hawking, British Cosmologist

Hi, I'm Princess Celestine, and I bring you celestial greetings from PLANETXXI. We are a new planet in the universe. In fact, we are a mirror planet and friend to your planet earth.

Did you know that you really are a star? "Yes, it's 100% true," says planetary scientist and stardust expert Dr. Ashley King. He also explains that nearly all of the elements that make up the human body were formed in stars. Yes, you are made of stardust that is also magical. Now with your new superstar powers, you can help me create a whole new world on PLANETXXI with your imagination. Here on PLANETXXI, dreams really do come true.

Always Shine Bright

Do you know how many stars are in the sky? Have you ever gone out on a starry night to count them? There are so many. You would have to count billions and then count even more. The good news is that all you have to do is look up and find the brightest star shining. That's you! Claim it. Save it just for you. It even has your name on it!

Now let's meet Sally Ride. She was America's first woman astronaut to travel in space. When asked about the stars she saw while in space, she said, "the stars don't look bigger, but they look brighter." While she was on the space shuttle, high above planet earth, her mission was to work the robotic arm on the spacecraft. She used the robotic arm to help put satellites into space. Isn't that amazing? Satellites are the reason we can do things on earth like use our cell phones, watch TV, and even communicate with our computers. Without satellites, communications would be difficult for us to communicate around the world with each other.

If Sally Ride could travel into space, then you can also imagine joining me on PLANETXXI. We also have our own satellite communication center in the universe called CyberCity XXI. Here you will meet another new friend from PLANETXXI named Link. He is going to link you with cyber pals in cyberspace. Let's go meet Link together in CyberCity XXI. Are you ready for an exciting, out-of-this-world adventure? Don't forget to bring your superstar power with you!


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