Imagination Station PLANETXXI

"Creativity is your imagination having fun."

Hi, my name is ALION. Sometimes earthlings mistake me as an alien. I travel the universe and in outer space in my very own super flying saucer called Sparkle. I'm different from aliens because I change colors like in a rainbow depending on my mood. Do you like rainbows? What is your favorite color? Have you ever seen a flying saucer before? Have you ever met an alien? I want to be your friend. Together we can fly anywhere in the universe you want to go and also visit PLANETXXI. On PLANETXXI, we need your help to create a whole new world on our planet. Have you ever dreamed of living on another planet?

Do you ever dream of building your own planet? What would it be like when you use the magic of your mind? Flying cars? Rockets to outer space? Great tall buildings as high as the stars with blinking lights and sounds? Roundhouses like domes, castles in the sky, trains that travel high above cities, robots that are your playmates, or even your best friend? Wouldn't that be fun? What would you wear in space? A spacesuit? What color? What kind of cell phone in the future do you want? What else do you see in your imagination that you want to see on PLANETXXI?

Stop here at Imagination Station. We are here for your colorful creations. If you want to view paradise, here, you can do it. And you'll change the world; there's nothing to it. First, start with a little homework to prepare. Watch with your family the film "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." Listen to and learn the lyrics to the song in the movie, "Pure Imagination." Never forget the words. They will inspire your dreams.

Be creative. Maya Angelou said, "you can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." This is your time to dream.

Join us, Star Kids, at Imag ination Station on PLANETXXI. Once we're there, we'll be free to make the world of make-believe come true! Come aboard! Make sure you use your star power to see into the future. Send us your pictures and videos of how you imagine PLANETXXI would be. Don't worry; you can bring all of your friends, pets, and parents with you. PLANETXXI is big enough for everyone. You'll never be alone. We will always be with you. Me, AmbassaDog Snowy, Cosmic Coco, LinkXXI, and Princess Celestine are with you to help make your dreams come true. There are no limits to your imagination.

Email your creations to Make sure your parents give you permission for us to show your dreams to the world on PLANETXXI.

Cartoon Photo of Super Snowy and Cosmic Coco

See you soon on PLANETXXI, Your Cyber Pals.
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